Exceptional talent

Exceptional talent

Frans Corten


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Gifted people and other birds of a rare feather often have difficulty finding their way in life and work. Despite their talents, they get into conflicts with management, feel misunderstood or are unable to discover what it is they really want.

Frans Corten coaches gifted people and other exceptional talents in their careers. He is one of the pioneers worldwide in the field of gifted adults. In this book, he has bundled all the effective insights and personal discoveries which might help you more easily find your way in life and work. He doesn’t force anything on you, he just offers advice while respecting the unconventionality inherent in you.

Five other birds of a rare feather who have found their way talk open-heartedly at the end of this book about the pitfalls and solutions they found in their careers.

Exceptional Talent offers you a manual to use to help you recognise your exceptional self and take it seriously. And that is the beginning of your new future.

“A lovely book, written in just the right tone, respectful, friendly, showing expertise and experience.”

This book is a translation of the Dutch bestseller Uitzonderlijk talent.



‘This is a thoughtfully written and beautifully designed book. Frans Corten points out very precisely the phenomena that matter and which many gifted people will recognise. Not as separate personal characteristics, but in conjunction with specific contexts and in a broader sense, with our society. He does this in a clear, accessible manner and he also gives concrete guidance and tips.
In his book, he lays an insightful foundation for what it means to be an exceptional talent. And precisely because he leaves enough scope in that foundation, it can be recognised as being the reader’s own.
The fact that he describes matters so clearly may well help to clear up for a broader audience some of the unfamiliarity surrounding giftedness in adults.’

‘The book touched me deeply and made me feel acknowledged and seen.’

‘If you are gifted, an inventor or another bird of a rare feather or if you are involved with these colourful people in any way, this book has been written with you in mind. I enjoyed reading it and recognised much in what it says. It exudes love and respect for people and is written in an accessible way. Frans embraces you by showing that he sees you and understands you. He offers great guidance. The book is also extremely suitable for everyone who is involved with gifted people in any capacity. The illustrations are beautiful. Highly recommended.’

‘I find this to be a lovely book, written in just the right tone, respectful, friendly, showing expertise and experience. The portraits are encouraging and reassuring: if you take yourself seriously, you can find a way and a place that are right for you.’

‘Very nice, readable reading matter for birds of a rare feather with unique talents. In addition to recognition, it offers professional expertise and useful tips for adults who are ‘gifted’ and who do not feel comfortable wearing those words;-) but who are nonetheless searching for their own identity.’


Auteur: Frans Corten
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